Students' reviews


Daydreaming in Dublin 

A short recap of our trip to Dublin on the Emerald Island:

Day 1-Monday

After an early late start at midnight in Stainach and long hours on the bus and plane we finally arrived in Dublin. Where our first stop were our host families, who welcomed (most of us) friendly into their homes. But we didn’t get any chance to rest, as we got a marvellous tour of Malahide in the afternoon. We got to see the beautiful Malahide Castle, the beach and walked around the cute, little town outside of Dublin. After our tour we took the bus or train back to our host family and spent some quality time with them. 

Day 2-Tuesday

In the next morning we had our first few classes in either Irish History, Future Learning or Sustainability in the language school we attended. Later that day after a lunch break, we learned a lot about Dublin’s History during a walk around the city with our tour guide Danny. He told us everything you need to know about its past and answered all of our questions. Since that tour was our last activity for the day, we got to explore the capital on our own, before heading back to our host families.

Day 3-Wednesday

On Wednesday morning in school, we all started working on our different projects such as writing a blog about Irelands culture, making a video representing a business idea or working on a project on sustainability. Once we were finally done with school for the day, we visited the interactive Dublinia museum, where we learned all about Dublin’s medieval years- everything from the Anglo-Norman invasion to Vikings and the plague. In the evening we all enjoyed our free time again.

Day 4-Thursday

We spent Thursday morning trying to finish off our projects for the next day, before we headed off to our next museum tour. The famine ship Jeanie Johnston: Even though we had to wait in the rain for a while, because of a delay of our tour due to a misunderstanding…the waiting definitely paid off. It was amazing to see the only ship that no one died on and saved thousands of people from starvation. We all were listening very carefully to our tour guide, who told us the ships history very well. After the tour, the group split up and everyone enjoyed exploring more of Dublin or chilling at the beaches near their host families or simply staying in and getting to know their family for the week better.

Day 5-Friday

Friday arrived and it was already our last day in the language school. We all proudly presented our projects we have been working on this week and started into our weekend. Some started it with a trip to the Leprechaun Museum next doors and they all seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. On Friday evening we got to experience the traditional Gaelic sports: Gaelic Football and Hurling. We all were very engaged and eager on learning them and even though some of us had low expectations it was such good craic as the Irish would say. Most of us stayed in Malahide after and grabbed some food to go eat down at the sea.

Day 6-Saturday

This morning we got up for another active day as we stepped on the train to Howth. It was a day full of walking, but not just walking, we got to see the most gorgeous view as we took a little hike on the cliff in Howth. A true Highlight of the trip. We even got to see a seal. We were truly lucky to get to see some of Irelands astonishing nature. A few even went for a swim at some of the tiny hidden beaches, down the cliffs. In the afternoon we enjoyed Dublin’s charm again and explored everything we haven’t seen yet.

Day 7-Sunday

Sunday morning started off on a two-hour bus ride to Kilkenny and a self-guided tour through its famous castle. We learned a lot about the past of it and got to view the beautiful gallery. Afterwards we got to explore the medieval town on our own, before we had to take the bus back to pack up everything and spent one last evening with our host families. 

Day 8-Monday

Monday arrived and we woke up one last time in an Irish bed, before we had to say goodbye to our families and carry our luggage into the language school, so we could enjoy a few more hours, before we had to start our journey home. 

We arrived safe and sound at 2 am in Stainach on Tuesday morning and were thankful for all the experiences we had during our time in Dublin. Even if there were some struggles with host families, a lot of times of getting lost in Dublin’s neighbourhoods and a wallet half empty. It was great to get to see Irelands capital- The home of Guiness. 


Leonie Danglmaier, 8A