Language Assistant

Das Anglisten – Team des BG/BRG Stainach ist in der glücklichen Lage, dass es jedes Jahr von einem Native Speaker unterstützt wird.  Meist handelt es sich um Studenten, die im Rahmen eines “gap years” ein Jahr in Österreich verbringen und unseren Schülern die Möglichkeit geben, real English spoken by real Brits or Americans zu erleben. Zusätzlich erfahren wir wie der Alltag im Heimatland unseres Language Assistants aussieht und können so unsere Einblicke in die englischsprachige Welt erweitern und vertiefen.


Unser Language Assistant 2016/17 heißt Sam Dunbavin und kommt aus Devon, Großbritannien. Lesen Sie mehr in einem kurzen Portrait.  


"Hi, my name is Sam Dunbavin and I am Stainach's new English language
assistant. I work in Stainach on Mondays and Fridays. I am originally
from a small village called Bratton Fleming, which is in Devon in South
West England. Where I live is just next to the beach and a big national
park called Exmoor, so I have grown to love nature and exploring the
outside world.

I am rarely at home, however, because I am currently studying for me
undergraduate degree in Modern and Medeival languages at Christ's
College, in Cambridge. Before that I studied the International
Baccalaureate at Exeter College, and I took my GCSEs at Pilton Community
College, in my nearest town, Barnstaple.

In my free time I love to play sport. My greatest passion is beach
volleyball, which I coach and play all summer and for much of the
winter, too! I also play rugby for the CCRFC, my college team, and
cricket, too.

Academically, my chief interests are languages and history. I absolutely
love the challenge that learning a new language presents! I am also
fascinated by history, particularly German and Austrian history. This
year I am writing a project about how Poland and the Polish people were
treated under Prussian occupation during the 19th century.
I am really looking forward to my year here in Stainach. Thanks for
having me!"